Episode 3 – Shellcode Analysis with APITracker

Text: Audience Level: Beginner to Medium. Few months back we released our new tool APITacker. The idea behind the tool is more mature than the tool itself. Using APITracker we can hook APIs on large scale from DLLs to track the execution of the sample. APITracker is based on pydbg python debugger. Before we move […]


New Password Protected Macro Malware evades Sandbox and Infects the victims with Ursnif Malware !!

These days, Along with the unforeseen climatic conditions, several unpredictable malware campaigns are also occurring across the connected world. Mostly Offenders are relying on spam mails and the associated malicious Macros, to drop and infect the targeted victims with various other atrocious malware. Studies shows 95% of successful security attacks created by Human mistakes!! Security sensitive […]


10th Quarterly Meetup – 25th February 2017

In this meet, Jiggyasu Sharma presented on “Tracking Attacks Using Hospital Honeypots” , Abhishek Bhuyan presented on “Security Analytics using ELK stack” , Heeraj Nair presented on “XXE – XML External Entity Attack” , Monnappa K A presented on “Linux Malware Analysis” , Aswin M Guptha presented on “Introduction to Binary Exploitation” and Amit Malik presented on “ATM Malware: […]


10th Meetup – Linux Malware Analysis

In this meet,Monnappa K A delivered presentation on “Linux Malware Analysis” Demo 1 – Analysis of Linux malware Tsunami using Limon Sandbox  Demo 2a – Analysis of Linux Malware Mayhem using Limon: Demo 2b – Examining the malicious exit() function of Linux malware mayhem :  


Hype vs Truth: State of Detection Technologies

Introduction: Sensors were bleeping but still high value assets got compromised, emergency response team was called and asked for the most important question “we have detection technology from five vendors, how is that possible?”. A piece of code bypassed the world’s most innovative technologies for detection on this earth. It is not a simple situation […]