12th Quarterly Meetup – 17th Feb 2018

In this meet, Akhil Mahendra​​​ presented on “The Art of Executing JavaScript” , Monnappa K A presented on “Reversing and Decrypting Malware Communications” , Abhishek J.M presented on “Analysis of Android APK using Adhrit” , Sreelakshmi presented on “DeViL – Detect Virtual Machine in Linux” , Swaroop Yermalkar presented on “OWASP iGoat – A Learning Tool for iOS App Pentesting and Security” and Akshay Ajayan presented on “Unicorn: The Ultimate CPU Emulator”

Here is the link to presentations and video demonstrations:

  1. The Art of Executing JavaScript
  2. Reversing and Decrypting Malware Communications
  3. Analysis of Android APK using Adhrit
  4. DeViL – Detect Virtual Machine in Linux
  5. OWASP iGoat – A Learning Tool for iOS App Pentesting and Security
  6. Unicorn: The Ultimate CPU Emulator


Here are the few snapshots from the session


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