Here are our past free Security Training series on Reverse Engineering/Malware Analysis/Exploit Development conducted over multiple sessions.

Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis Training

This is our first free Training session focused on teaching basics of Reverse engineering and Malware analysis. It starts with guide on lab setup, learning Windows internals/PE formats/assembly and then moves on to practical malware analysis sessions.

Session 1 – RE & Malware Analysis Lab Setup Guide
Session 2 – Introduction to Windows Internals
Session 3 – Windows PE File Format Basics
Session 4 – Assembly Programming Basics
Session 5 – Reverse Engineering Basics and Tool Guide
Session 6 – Practical Reversing I – Basic Reversing
Session 7 – Practical Reversing II – Unpacking Malware
Session 8 – Practical Reversing III – Malware Memory Forensics
Session 9 – Practical Reversing IV – Basic & Advanced Malware Analysis
Session 10 – Practical Reversing V – Exploit Development [basic]
Session 11 – Practical Reversing VI – Exploit Development [advanced]
Session 12 – Case Study: Rootkit Analysis

Reference for our Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis Training

Advanced Malware Analysis Training

This is our second  free training series focusing on advanced aspects of malware analysis including Rootkits, Botnets, Sandbox Analysis, Mobile Malwares etc.

Session 1: Detection and Removal of Malwares
Session 2: Botnet Analysis – Part 1
Session 3: Botnet Analysis – Part 2
Session 4: Anti-Analysis Techniques (Anti-debugging, Anti-VM etc.)
Session 5: Reverse Engineering Automation (Scripts, plugins etc.)
Session 6: Malware Sandbox Analysis
Session 7: Malware Memory Forensics
Session 8: Introduction to Android
Session 9: Malware Analysis using PyMal
Session 10: (Part 1) Reversing & Decrypting Communications of HeartBeat RAT
Session 11: (Part 2) Dissecting the HeartBeat APT RAT Features

Reference for our Advanced Malware Analysis Training