Monnappa K A

Monnappa works as an information security investigator for Cisco Systems focusing on threat intelligence, and investigation of advanced cyber attacks. His fields of interest include malware analysis, reverse engineering, memory forensics and threat intelligence. He has presented at conferences like Black Hat, FIRST, 4sics and published articles in eForensics, Hakin9 Magazines.

Amit Malik
Innovator, Researcher and Engineer. His primary area of expertise is to develop detection algorithms/solutions for long term and large scale problems in the computer security domain. Amit is also a strong advocate of creativity&innovation and spends his free time on reading and sharing motivational stuff. He also has a keen interest in psychology and philosophy.
Sajan Shetty
Sajan Shetty is an Cyber Security enthusiast. He is an active member of Cysinfo Cyber Security Community.His primary fields of interests include machine learning, malware analysis and memory forensics.
Ajith Kumar
He works as Security Advocate, focusing on Product Security Baseline, Threat Modelling and Vulnerability Testing. His fields of interest include Cryptology, Cyber Laws, He has presented several papers related to Network Security in National and International Conferences. He is also Life Member of Cryptology Research Society of India, presently Pursuing Research in the Area of Cryptology.
Ajay Pratap Singh
Ajay Pratap Singh works as senior software engineer in Royal Philips, India. His interests lies with breaking medical devices, researching IoT security, fuzzing mobile applications.
Anirudh Duggal
Anirudh Duggal is a cyber security enthusiast with an interest in securing healthcare infrastructure and devices. He often speaks at conferences and local meetup.He also runs the hospital security project hospital security project that aims to be a platform for healthcare security researchers to connect with each other and share their experience.
Rupali Dash
Rupali Dash is working as security analyst in Goldman Sachs. Her field of interest lies in malware analysis. she works on application and network testing and is passionate about adware development.
Jiggyasu Sharma
Information Security Evangelist working with Royal Philips as Sr. Software Engineer.Interested in Bluetooth, IoT and Health Care Security and fuzzing for security.
Raghav Pande
Raghav Pande is a security enthusiast with strong background in Software Development, Reverse Engineering and Exploitation.He is focused on broad spectrum of system security, and spends his time on designing automated systems for detection research, and whatever suits current needs. His research interests include Product Research, Operating Systems and Software architecture.