About Cysinfo

Cysinfo is an open cyber security community committed to educate, empower, inspire and equip cyber security professionals and students to better fight and defend against cyber threats. Cysinfo believes in buliding a stronger community, so it provides a common forum to bring together individuals from various sectors to collaborate and share their experience,expertise and knowledge in the field of cyber security. We focus on spreading security awareness by hosting free meets, conducting trainings, developing tools, writing articles, sharing news and educating students through student mentorship program.

What We Do

a) Cyber Security Meets: We host cyber security meets, these meets are free of cost. The purpose of these small conferences is to collaborate and interact with cyber security professionals and experts from various sectors to discuss and share the latest happenings, innvotations and developments in the field of cyber security.

b) Trainings: – We conduct free technical trainings in our cyber security meets. The goal of these trainings is to educate, develop skills, enhance knowledge and enrich the cyber security professionals/students to prepare for the future cyber security threat landscape.

c) Student Mentorship Programme: – This programme is designed to help aspiring and passionate students to work on research projects in the area of cyber security under the guidance of expert mentors. The goal of this program is to create research interests in the field of cyber security among students.

d) Tools and Articles: – We contribute to the cyber security community by writing research articles and developing tools to solve a particular problem in the field of cyber security.

e) Security News Roundup:- With an intention to keep our members well informed about the changing cyber secuirty landscape, we round up the top cyber security news and we share it in our mailer list every alternate day, and also we post it on our social media channels.


How to be part of Cysinfo community

We welcome anyone interested in the field of cyber security to be part of our community, whether you are learning or interested in sharing your skills, knowledge and expertise.
If you are interested in joining our community, please feel free to subscribe/join