13th Quarterly Meetup – 9th March 2019

In this meet, Ashwin Shenoi presented on “Closer look at PHP Unserialization” , Monnappa K A presented on “Understanding Malware Persistence Techniques” , Shruti Dixit & Geethna TK presented on “Getting started with cybersecurity through CTFs” , Akul Pillai presented on “A look into the sanitizer family (ASAN & UBSAN)” , Vikram Kharvi presented on “Understanding & […]


12th Quarterly Meetup – 17th Feb 2018

In this meet, Akhil Mahendra​​​ presented on “The Art of Executing JavaScript” , Monnappa K A presented on “Reversing and Decrypting Malware Communications” , Abhishek J.M presented on “Analysis of Android APK using Adhrit” , Sreelakshmi presented on “DeViL – Detect Virtual Machine in Linux” , Swaroop Yermalkar presented on “OWASP iGoat – A Learning Tool for […]


11th Quarterly Meetup – 29TH July 2017

In this meet, Ashutosh Ahelleya presented on “Bit Flipping Attack on AES-CBC” , Monnappa K A presented on “Understanding Evasive Hollow Process Injection techniques” , Siddharth Muralee presented on “Dynamic Binary Analysis using angr” , Ajithkumar Vyasarao presented on “Security Challenges in D2D Communication” and Shivkrishna A presented on “S2E (Selective Symbolic Execution)” Here is the link […]


10th Quarterly Meetup – 25th February 2017

In this meet, Jiggyasu Sharma presented on “Tracking Attacks Using Hospital Honeypots” , Abhishek Bhuyan presented on “Security Analytics using ELK stack” , Heeraj Nair presented on “XXE – XML External Entity Attack” , Monnappa K A presented on “Linux Malware Analysis” , Aswin M Guptha presented on “Introduction to Binary Exploitation” and Amit Malik presented on “ATM Malware: […]


9th Quarterly Meetup – 19th November 2016

In this meet, Abhijit Mohanta  delivered presentation on “Malware Detection using Machine Learning “,Ajay Kumar  presented on “Deep Web – what to do and what not to do ”, Adithya Naresh presented on “Introduction to ICS/SCADA security ”,Amit Malik  presented on “POS Malware: Is your Debit/Credit Transcations Secure? ”,Rakesh Paruchuri  presented on “Format String Vulnerability ”, Jayakrishna Menon  presented on […]


8th Quarterly Meetup – 17th September 2016

In this meet, Ajay pratap Singh delivered presentation on “Attacking and Crashing IoT Devices via Bluetooth LE protocol”,Monnappa K A presented on “Investigating Malware using Memory Forensics” and “Understanding APT1 malware techniques using malware analysis and reverse engineering”, Ajithkumar V presented on “Elliptic curve cryptography”, Abhishek J M presented on “Dissecting Android APK”, Amit Malik presented on “EMET evasion […]


7th Quarterly Meetup – 28th May 2016

In this meet, Adarsh Agarwal delivered presentation on “Understanding Cryptolocker (Ransomware) with a Case study”, Satyam Saxena covered the topic on “Malicious Client Detection using Machine Learning”, Abhinav Chourasia presented on “Buffer Overflow Attacks”, Anirudh Duggal presented on “Fingerprinting Healthcare Institutions” and Monnappa K A presented on the topic “Reversing and Investigating Malware Evasive Tactics […]


6th Quarterly Meetup – 30th January 2016

In this meet, Jiggyasu Sharma delivered presentation on “Bluetooth [in]security”, Jitendra Kumar Patel covered the topic on “Secure Multi Party Computation”, Anirudh Duggal presented on “Breaking Into Hospitals” and Monnappa K A presented on the topic “Linux Malware Analysis Using Limon Sandbox”.   Here is the link to presentations and video demonstrations: 1. Bluetooth [in]Security […]


5th Quarterly Meetup – 10th October 2015

In this meet, Sreelakshmy and Mythily delivered presentation on “Partial Homomorphic Encryption”,Archita Aparichita covered the topic on “DLL Preloading Attack” and Monnappa KA presented on the topics “Basic Malware Analysis, Automating Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering Malware”.   Here is the link to presentations and video demonstrations: 1. Partial Homomorphic Encryption 2. DLL Preloading Attack 3. Basic Malware Analysis  4. Automating […]


4th Quarterly Meetup – 23rd May 2015

In this meet, Subrat Sarkar delivered presentation on “Exposing the secrets of Windows Credential Provider”, Raghav Pande covered the topic on “Defeating Public Exploit Protections(EMET v5.2 and more)”, Amit Malik presented the topic “Return Address – The Silver Bullet” and Monnappa KApresented the topic on “Hunting Rootkit From the Dark Corners Of Memory”.   Here […]