Episode 3 – Shellcode Analysis with APITracker

Text: Audience Level: Beginner to Medium. Few months back we released our new tool APITacker. The idea behind the tool is more mature than the tool itself. Using APITracker we can hook APIs on large scale from DLLs to track the execution of the sample. APITracker is based on pydbg python debugger. Before we move […]


Cyber Security with Amit Malik – Episode 2 – Macro Code De-obfuscation using Vbscript Debugger

Video: Text: Audience Level: Internet user, Mid level Analyst Prerequisite: Programming Language Introduction: Obfuscation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obfuscation_(software) Infection Method: Malicious documents are mostly delivered through email campaigns. The attacker send the tailored email to the victim with the malicious email attachment or a malicious web link. Once the victim open the malicious document it will download the […]


Cyber Security with Amit Malik – Episode 1 – Macro Analysis

Video Link: Text: Audience Level: Beginner, Internet user Prerequisite: Python programming language Introduction: In this week I will discuss about the macro analysis since macros are one of the top threat today to compromise/infect the endpoint machines. These days the macro based downloaders download ransomeware, POS malware and other banking trojans so the investigation of […]


7th Meetup – Reversing and Investigating Malware Evasive Tactics – Hollow Process Injection

In this presentation, Monnappa explained the concept of code injection and hollow process injection. He demonstrated the working of hollow process injection using reverse engineering and showed how such infections can be detected and investigated using memory forensics Presentation:   Demo 1 – Understanding Hollow Process Injection Using Reverse Engineering:   Demo 2 – Investigating […]


6th Meetup – Linux Malware Analysis using Limon Sandbox

In this presentation, Monnappa covered Linux malware analysis and showed automation of Linux malware analysis using Limon sandbox, he also demonstrated analysis of Linux malwares Tsunami, Mayhem and Suterusu Rootkit using Limon   Presentation:   Demo 1 – Analysis of Linux Malware Tsunami using Limon:   Demo 2a – Analysis of Linux Malware Mayhem using […]