13th Quarterly Meetup – 9th March 2019

In this meet, Ashwin Shenoi presented on “Closer look at PHP Unserialization” , Monnappa K A presented on “Understanding Malware Persistence Techniques” , Shruti Dixit & Geethna TK presented on “Getting started with cybersecurity through CTFs” , Akul Pillai presented on “A look into the sanitizer family (ASAN & UBSAN)” , Vikram Kharvi presented on “Understanding & analyzing obfuscated malicious web scripts” and Amar Prusty presented on “Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity”

Here is the link to presentations and video demonstrations

  1. Closer look at PHP Unserialization
  2. Understanding Malware Persistence Techniques
  3. Getting started with cybersecurity through CTFs
  4. A look into the sanitizer family (ASAN & UBSAN)
  5. Understanding & analyzing obfuscated malicious web scripts
  6. Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity

Here are a few snapshots from the sessions


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