Session 11: (Part 2) Dissecting the HeartBeat APT RAT Features

This session demonstrated various features of HeartBeat APT RAT using reverse engineering.

Demo Video Part 2a – Decrypting various communications

Demo Video Part 2b – HeartBeat RAT Functionality 1 -Process enumeration

Demo Video Part 2c – HeartBeat RAT Functionality 2 – Process termination

Demo Video Part 2d – HeartBeat RAT Functionality 3 – Create and Write to File

Demo Video Part 2e – HeartBeat RAT Functionality 4 – Launch new application (create process)

Demo Video Part 2f – HeartBeat RAT Functionality 5 – Reverse Shell

Demo Video Part 2g – HeartBeat RAT Functionality 6 – Restart System


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