Cyber Security with Amit Malik – Episode 1 – Macro Analysis

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Audience Level: Beginner, Internet user

Prerequisite: Python programming language


In this week I will discuss about the macro analysis since macros are one of the top threat today to compromise/infect the endpoint machines. These days the macro based downloaders download ransomeware, POS malware and other banking trojans so the investigation of the office documents is crucial. So in this session I will discuss about the tools and techniques to analyse the macro malwares.

Infection Method:

Malicious documents are mostly delivered through email campaigns. The attacker send the tailored email to the victim with the malicious email attachment. Once the victim open the malicious document it will download the malware from the website and execute it on the victim machine.

For example:



compound file format:

OOXML: office 2007+

LZNT1 – Compression Algo. ( Including NTFS)

RtlDecompressBuffer (Windows DDK)

chopshop implementation (LZNT1 _ Algo)

Olevba from Oletools.

Oleveba -> Compound file format + OOXML

Oletools installation:



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