Session 12 – Case Study: Rootkit Analysis

This session covered the concept of rootkit and demonstrated some of the techniques used by the rooktits.   Demo Video 1: Mader – SSDT Hooking  Demo Video 2: Prolaco – Process Hiding using DKOM Demo Video 3: Darkmegi/waltrodock – Installs Device Driver  Demo Video 4: Carberp – Syscall Patch and Inline Hooks


Session 7 – Practical ReversingPart II – Unpacking Malware

In reverse engineering understanding cryptographic functions and packers are the two most challenging and sophisticated tasks. In real life virtually all malwares use some form of packing so understanding packing/unpacking is one of the most important task in malware analysis. Check the reference section for additional material. We highly recommend Lena151 (see reference) material for […]